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    The New Era of the Internet

    Apart from finding a business name, getting a matching and a simple URL for presence is the next hard task. The absence or high expense required to obtain a dot com extension domain leaves at a crossroad on the way forward. Moreover, the fact that your web domain is part of your business branding requires you to be careful in this process.

    Fortunately, the domain development is undergoing a real transformation that will make it easier for you to register any preferable domain with a new domain extension apart from the .com one. Now, you got an option to choose the extension that you fill it is fit for your business.   But, are new domain extensions the future of the web? Read on to know:

    The dot com extension era

    From the conception of the Internet, .com domain extension has been the leader. Any business seeking to reign on the online platforms had to obtain a .com website. Also, people know the internet for this extension. For this reason, all short and memorable domain names are no more.

    To obtain a .com domain name, you have to add other character or numbers or else search for the availability of other shorter fashions. The disadvantage of these acts is that they make your site too look suspicious or spammy. As such, few people trust or would click on your link. Alternatively, you need to invest a significant amount of cash in obtaining a preferable .com site.

  • New domain extensions

    With the above shortcomings, organizations and business faced challenges in their mission of being online. Luckily, in 2011, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN – the body that controls domain names) eliminated restrictions for domain extension creation. This ushered in a new era where you can create and register any extension of your choice.  

    What do the new domain extensions offer?

    After the removal of restriction of the domain creation rules, ICANN opened a room for any person or organization to obtain their preferred extensions. For instance, a company like Samsung can come up with a domain extension .samsung. With such extension, the organization can associate all its brands as well as locations with it.

    This makes it easier for the organization to be identifiable. As such, it becomes cheap to brand your business through the creation of short URLs codes. For instance, instead of www.samsung.com/phones, the organization can create phones.samsung to refer to its phones subdomain. Or even with a location such as Italy.samsung, india.samsung, china.samsung, among others. Hence, such a domain become memorable and to access, then the later.

  • New virtual real estates           

    Once you register a new domain extension, you automatically become a virtual real estate owner. With it, you can charge people will use your extension in branding their online business. As such, the new extensions have enlarged the virtual real estates which were only set aside for .com and other TLDs in the past. However, the success of new extensions relies on their owners’ ability to market them.

    Future of the web

    With the increasing popularity of the new domain extension, the phase of dot com is on balance. The new extensions are gaining grounds due to their ease in enhancing flexibility and branding. Now, it’s easier to identify your business either with your hobby, your industry or even your location. You can find a good domain extension using tools domains name generator offered by some companies like Shopify.


    In summing up, the future web will be full of new extensions which will replace the booming .com domains. Hence, the new domain extensions are possibly the future of the internet. But, all this will depend on the ability of the extension owners to market them as well as convince the users to adopt the new trend.


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